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Dandy the Bub

COLOUR: Yellow (Dandilion)

DANDY is friendly and very funny

Cyanne the Bub

COLOUR: Blue (Cyan)

CYANNE is happy, smart and brave

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Maggy the Bub

COLOUR: Pink (Magenta)

MAGGY is chatty, clever and courageous

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Mini Bub


MINI BUB loves music, dancing and parties

The Princess and the Bubs © Copyright  MMXVI The Media Chain | All rights reserved. Illustrated by Abigail Fuller

Lilly the Bub

COLOUR: Purple (Lilac)

LILLY is sporty, smart and a little shy

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Saffy the Bub

COLOUR: Orange (Saffron)

SAFFY loves art, travel and cooking

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Phyll the Bub

COLOUR: Green (Chlorophyll)

PHYLL loves nature, adventure and wildlife

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